Thursday, 24 July 2014

SelfDesign Minecrafter's GameCon Event

  We plan on doing more.. one on Vancouver Island and another in Kamloops (or up that way somewhere)!  

As our members in SMUSH gather each week we'll start planning more events and hopefully as parents also find this valuable it will become even more streamlined and easier to get together and do these things.We found that families having tables to share their stuff that they do, and what they love was a way of providing ideas and sharing knowledge without stress.

The biggest desire was to keep it flexible, and not have high expectations of specific involvement, rather to have an engaging set of offerings, and an attitude of 'community building' purpose in mind for those who take part in whatever way they'd like to. That way everyone is included to the extent they are able. :)

For some of these children, it was the first time they had a positive experience in a group of kids. We are so thrilled and so thankful for everyone who took part!

**Thank you so much to the Ron Andrews Community Recreation Center for all their hard work in setting us up and taking down the tables. We really appreciated the ladies and fellas there :) .

Lori Bender
SelfDesign Online Steward
SD MC Project Coordinator
Skype: lori_bender

Michael Bender, M.Ed
SD Guiding Mentor
SD LC Global
SD MC Project Coordinator
Skype: michael.bender3

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